Hospital Heroes Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting a Nomination

How do I submit a nomination?
Click here to complete the nomination process.

Q: What is required as part of the nomination process?

 Your name and contact information, the name of your nominee, and answers in essay/paragraph format to explain why your nominee should be named a Hospital Hero. 

Q: I know the perfect person to nominate, but I am hesitant about my writing skills. What are the judges looking for in a winning entry?
Having professional writing skills is not essential for writing a winning entry. Remember to provide specific examples of why that person deserves the award. Does she go out of her way to help patients? Give an example. Does he always show his co-workers how special they are? Give an example. Is there one heroic event that stands out in your mind? Be as descriptive as possible. Remember, the judges don’t know your nominee as well as you do. The entries that stand out above the others are those that describe the various reasons you and/or other co-workers believe the nominee is a hero. Keep in mind also that the competition is tough - we are able to honor only a few people!

Q: My hospital had a winner last year. Can I still submit a nomination?
A: Yes.

Q: May I nominate the same person for a Hospital Hero Award, Physician Hero Award, AND a Lifetime Achievement Award?

A: No. You must choose one category in which to enter a nominee. However, you may enter multiple nominees from your hospital.

Q: Are hospital board members eligible if they do not work or have medical privileges at the hospital?
A: Yes.

Q: Must the nominee be a caregiver, like a physician or nurse?

A: No. Anyone employed by a GHA-member hospital is eligible for consideration. Please note CEOs are not eligible for this award as GHA has a separate award to honor CEOs and administrators: The W. Daniel Barker Leadership Award.

Q: May I submit a posthumous nomination?
A: Yes.

Q: Can anyone submit an entry, even if the nominator is neither affiliated with, nor employed by, any hospital?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of entries my hospital can submit?
A: No.

Q: Can I submit testimonial letters with my nomination?
A: Yes. There is an option to submit with the nomination or you can send to


Q: I submitted an entry last year, but my nominee did not win. May I resubmit the entry this year? 
A: Yes. You may submit either the same entry OR a different entry for the same nominee, whichever you prefer

Q: May I nominate more than one person or a group of people for one award?
A: This is an individual award and we strongly recommend nominating only one person per award. However, GHA recognizes that there are rare instances in which a group nomination may be appropriate. Awards given to these groups are at the judges’ discretion. 


Q: When and how are the winners notified?
A: GHA will notify the people who submitted the nominations (not the winners) by mid-March. Then the nominators can share the good news with the people they nominated.