W. Daniel Barker Leadership Award Winners

2022 Winner - All Georgia hospital administrators and CEOs

During the pandemic, the collective leadership of Georgia's hospital administrators and CEOs made such a difference in battling covid. Their long days and sleepless nights helped keep communities safe. They guided your staff, provided encouragement, and lent a helping hand, sometimes even working right alongside frontline staff. Their work during the pandemic and every day is something to be emulated and admired.


Past Award Winners

2020 - Billy Hayes, Northside Hospital Cherokee

2019 - Joel Wernick, Phoebe Putney Health System

2018 - Philip R. Wolfe, Gwinnett Medical Center

2017 - Candice Saunders, Wellstar Health System

2016 - Cindy Turner, Bacon County Hospital

2015 - Jerry Fulks, Wellstar West Georgia Health

2014 - Loy Howard, Tanner Health System

2013 - Miles Mason, III, M.D., Gwinnett Medical Center

2012 - Chuck Adams, Ty Cobb Healthcare System

2011 - William T. Moore, Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center

2010 - Robert Maynard, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, Inc.

2009 - John S.  Bowling, Hamilton Health Care System

2007 - David Seagraves, Phoebe Sumter Regional Hospital

2006 - Benjamin H. Underwood, FACHE, Talbott Recovery Campus

2004 - John A. Drew, FACHE, Athens Regional Medical Center

2003 - John D. Henry, Sr., FACHE, Emory Healthcare

2002 - Richard Hubbard, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, Inc.

2001 - Edward J. Fechtel, Jr., St. Mary's Health Care System

2001 - John A. Ferguson, Jr., FACHE, Northeast Georgia Health System

2000 - James Peak, Memorial Hospital and Manor

1999 - Larry Sanders, FACHE, Columbus Regional Health

1998 - Ken B. Beverly, Archbold Medical Center