Vaccine Resources

Vaccine Orders

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) now uses the DPH Vaccine Management System (VMS). All current COVID vaccine orders and management take place through VMS. For assistance accessing your VMS account, contact or 888-920-0165.


How to document a wastage.


Women and COVID-19 Vaccines

Mental Health Resources

Emotional Support Line for Front Line Health Care Workers

The COVID-19 Emotional Support Line is available for front line health care needing emotional support, referrals, or resource information. Call or text 866-399-8938 each day from 8 a.m.-11 p.m. to receive free and confidential assistance from mental health professionals.

DBHDD Resiliency and Wellness Toolkit

2020 Mental Health Resource List from Nursing License Map

Psychological PPE Toolkit and Infographic

Hospitals Needing Medical Supplies and PPE

PPE Exchange: Automated Source for PPE and Supplies

PPE Exchange is a marketplace of verified suppliers where hospitals can search for items, schedule orders, compare prices and complete transactions. Learn more about PPE Exchange. If you are interested in potentially combining PPE Exchange orders, please complete this questionnaire


GHA is aware that GEMA is unable to fulfill every supply request. If you need assistance with PPE, please email with your request (items needed, amount, and a hospital contact) and we will post current requests. Those organizations who can provide assistance should please reach out to the contact provided on the website. 


Please make sure you still submit your requests to your local EMA to ensure that all avenues are explored.

*If your request becomes fulfilled, please send a message to so we know to remove it from the list.


Disclosures to law enforcement, paramedics, other first responders and public health authorities
Information on allowing a covered entity to share the name or other identifying information of an individual who has been infected with, or exposed to, COVID-19 with law enforcement, paramedics, other first responders, and public health authorities without an individual’s authorization.